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MH: asahi matsushita aka pagiel by whizlas MH: asahi matsushita aka pagiel by whizlas
oh shet i got in :iconslashshockplz:


Name: Matsushita Asahi (goes by Pagiel)
Age: 18
Date of birth: Oct 7
Year: Third
Height: 5'10
Gender: Male
Dorms/Home: Home
Club: Drama

❁ Independent ❁ Graceful ❁ Helpful ❁ Intelligent ❁ Confident ❁ Over bearing ❁ Attention Loving ❁ Social Butterfly ❁ A bit devilish

Because of his over supply of self confidence, Pagiel has no problem appearing flashy. He tends to find the beauty in just about everything, especially himself. Some would find this vain, but he rather enjoys looking his best. If it seems dramatic, thats because it basically is. A particularly dreamy and gentle young man, Pagiel indulges himself in life in a bit of a melodramatic way. While he is not one to pick fights or start rumors, hes definitely a gossip. However, his maturity often outweighs any pettiness he might have, making him the first to stop a fight or attempt to comfort someone. Since he is an older brother, naturally he wants to take care of others, especially his friends. His politeness and eagerness to help merits him well, though sometimes he comes off slightly pushy. Pagiel has a habit of reading inside the lines or over examining things and people, which often causes him to jump to conclusions. He regrets this far too often, even though he does tend to give excellent advice.

Despite being a bit of an airhead at times, he is an honest and passionate individual who is easily swayed by appearance. Though, that doesn't mean Pagiel is necessarily naive. His natural talent for acting and puttying up facades has debunked many a situation. Most people cannot even tell when Pagiel is fibbing or being sarcastic because of this. Sometimes Pagiel is even a little mischievous, though he would never cross the boundaries of authority he does have a wild side, more so outside of school. Pagiel is also a bit flirtatious and enjoys it when the spotlight is on him. At times he hides his true demeanor behind a smile, attempting to reserve his tenacious need for attention and company. There are many times when Pagiel is sad or upset(trust me, it will be painfully obvious- he doesn't even try to hide it), but never angry. If someone, somehow managed to make this flower child angry, you must have been trying very hard.


Being born and raised in the big city of Nagoya can easily make a child feel very small from the get go. But Pagiel was always in awe of the bustle of life around him and took everyday as an adventure. He was always a bright and eager child, thus his name. As a child, Pagiel had a simple lifestyle that was unlike any other kid. His mother was a daycare teacher, so he would go right to work with her everyday. Meanwhile, his father worked long days repairing phone lines and the like. Despite not being close with him, Pagiel would vie against his father's own weariness after a long day for attention. Every so often, he would comply and play with the boy. But for the most part, Pagiel was a moma's boy. He spent most of his waking moments with his mother for the better part of his childhood. It wasn't until he was seven or eight that all of the attention was halved when his little brother entered this world. No matter, though, since Pagiel could /definitely/ cope on his own.

Except, not really. Pagiel loathed the lack of attention, between his hard working father and nursing mother. That is when his grandmother began visiting them from Hide-shi to help take care of them every once and awhile. She introduced her grandson to the world of literature, in which he fell in love. Pagiel began to spend countless hours by himself, reading alone. He would become absorbed in tv shows and often mimicked or memorized entire episodes at a time for his own pure enjoyment. Never being a shy child, he was outgoing in school, as well, to which he was rather popular in elementary school and middle school- despite his only real talents being reading. His most favorite event would always be school plays. Even if he was not cast a star role, Pagiel always attempted to outshine them. The attention was marvelous, he craved it almost. While trying to stay true to himself, he also pried for the attention- as being in the center of it all was his reason for living, right? But the only way it could truly last was if he played his role properly, and some times that called for masks. Eventually, through middle school, Pagiel had molded himself into someone that everyone would like, even if that mean he wasn't quiet sure who he was anymore

Yes, he adored this game of life. But these things tend not to last. After all, it was just one chapter in his book...Pagiel's father began having health complications, which meant high medical bills and missing work. Which meant, eventually, debt. His mother began to work full time in an attempt to compensate, however, this eventually left both parents completely strained. Without their parent's usual care, both children began to feel somewhat alone. Pagiel eventually stepped up to care for his brother, the two often home alone together. One day, due to exhaustion, Pagiels father fainted and fell from a long height, leading to a seriously critical condition. By the end of middle school, Pagiel had to say goodbye to life in the city. Without a large enough source of income, the family could no longer afford to live there. Fortunately, their grandmother in Hide-shi warmly welcomed them to live with her. Mr. Matsushite would later be moved into the local hospital so that he could be close to the family and the medical expenses less costly.

The ever optimistic Pagiel reluctantly accepted his new life, undettered by the curveball he was thrown. He could start over this way, right? Even though he'd have to start from scratch, as long as everyone loved him, it didn't matter. His first two years of high school, Pagiel became more outgoing than ever, even to the point of dying his hair and changing his look(becoming something of a gyaru-o.) In the end, the boy enjoyed living in was a lot easier than the city life. His grandmother own and ran and small family restaurant, which his mother began to assist with. Having to be a role model for his younger brother and protector his his family, Pagiel remained who he was. Two years into his new life, Nagoya and his father's condition seemed pages and pages ago. The past did not affect him, but the future was still an uncertainty.


❁ Novels (especially romantic novels)
❁ Cafes and libraries
❁ Soap operas and tv shows (especially the ones based off of a book series)
❁ Fashion and accessories
❁ egg noodles
❁ mountains


❁ Direct criticism
❁ Loud noises disrupting his reading
❁ bad endings
❁ old pictures of himself (when he was normal looking GHHAHA)
❁ disrespect of authority


Matsushita family
Pagiel gets along exceptionally well with all of his family. He is very doting on both his grandmother and mother, always trying to take care of them and accepts just about every errand he is sent on. His ten year old brother, Yanao is very shy and reserved as compared to his brother, but he quietly looks up to Pagiel, who is very patient with him. The two often go to visit their father in the hospital together with gifts from their mother. However, when he goes out, Pagiel always removes his products and puts up his hair since he doesn't want to seem flaunting in front of his father. Their relationship is not strained, rather awkward since they have not had any real time to spend together as father and son in a long time.
Toya Rice

Met her in the library. They became friends after a small chat! Or rather Pagiel made her LOL. Reminds him of his little brother so he enjoys hanging out with her. Doesn't want her to feel insecure.

Saya Kurihara

Bumped into one another in the shopping district one day. Hit it off immediately(or literally!). Loves her energy. They share a passion for hair accessories.

Tashiro Keiichi

Teased him into holding a conversation with Pagiel one day in the library. Slightly amused, slightly confused.


❁ Despite his name being Asahi, his grandmother had called him Pagiel since he was young(after one of his favorite storybooks)- in the end, this ended up being what he responded to growing up. He doesn't mind being called Asahi, but it seems hes only referred to as this by teachers and when he is sternly called by his mother for doing something wrong.
❁ Pagiel expresses that he 'doesn't need to be tied down by something like sexuality', but for the most part he is completely pansexual. He used to 'play around' in middle school, but hasn't really ever held any real relationships in highschool beyond occasional flirting.
❁ Always drinks peach tea or iced coffee at lunch.
❁ Don't be fooled. He dyes his hair and wears contacts. What does he look like naturally, you ask!? (surprisingly, rather normal.)
❁ Despite being rather quite smart, he gives little-to know effort in attempting to understand science, therefore his grade average has always been low because of it.
❁ His passion is for screenplay and writing, but he also loves acting and performance.
❁ IF YOU WANT TO RP FEEL FREE TO ASK HEH!! I kinda suck at onexone but notes or skype is fine. You can find me on skype whizlas:iconbunnylazeplz:

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